OHM Media™

OHM Media™ is the latest innovation from MFNS to cleanup produced water from fracking or industrial wastewater containing oil. Our solution is far superior to the competitors in terms of performance as well as the price.

High absorption capacity

The oil absorbance capacity (g of oil/g of membrane) of OHM Media™ is more than 4 times that of competitor material like Activated carbon, Walnut Shell, Organoclay, etc.

Oil Absorption Capacity compared to weight


OHM Media™

0.6 - 0.8x

Walnut Shell Filter

0.3 - 0.5x

Activated Carbon

0.05 - 0.2x

Organo Clay

0.05 - 0.1x

Mixed bed resin

Notes: 1. OHM-Media™ re-used 30 times​. Oil emulsion conc. is 1000 ppm 2. Walnut shell can be used only for polishing (100 ppm oil max in influent stream)

Effective oil cleanup

Our Oleophilic, Hydrophobic, Multifunctional (OHM) Media™ attracts oil, repels water, and can be recycled after its active properties have been spent. It's unique and multifunctional traits make it perfect for oil/water filtration.


Once saturated to its maximum capacity, OHM Media™ can be easily regenerated via a simple process. Competitor materials are single use.

OHM Media™
Shell Filter
Activated Carbon
Organo Clay
Material Cost
Waste Disposal Cost

Cost to clean 1000 L of Oil-Water emulsion.

Reduced Inventory and cost savings

OHM Media™ technology produces 100 times less inventory compared to competitors. Our technology promises huge savings on waste disposal costs.

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