MAY, 2022

Kickstart: The iPod is dead; long live vinyl

Twenty years ago it looked like MP3 players would be the final nail in the coffin when it came to vinyl records after years of falling sales compared to cassette tapes and CDs.

MAY, 2022

How a sponge could help clean up microplastics in Chicago and the Great Lakes

Billions of tons of plastic waste are degrading in landfills and waterways around the world.

MAY, 2022

Northwestern researchers develop sponge to clean oil spills

Sponges similar to an ordinary kitchen or memory foam sponge may soon clean up oil spills, courtesy of Northwestern researchers.

MAY, 2022

Application of Nanotechnology [Sponge] #Shorts

With a sponge that looks like one you might find in your kitchen, Northwestern University researchers have discovered how to effectively clean up oil, microplastics and phosphate pollution.

APR, 2022

Novel sponge aids the cleaning of lakes and oceans

A new coating applied to sponges can collect oil, phosphates and microplastics from polluted waters.

APR, 2022

Microplastics are everywhere. These sponges could help capture them

As billions of tons of plastic waste have accumulated in the environment and the fragments keep getting smaller, microplastics are getting even harder to remove.

APR, 6

STTR Phase I: An Oleophilic Hydrophobic Magnetic (OHM) Sponge for Environmental Remediation

We are delighted to announce that MFNS has received a National Science Foundation SBIR/STTR Phase 1 award in collaboration with Northwestern University. Congratulations to our co-founders Vikas Nandwana who will serve as a principal investigator and Vinayak Dravid whose lab will provide scientific support and guidance. With this funding, we will develop an environmental remediation platform for oil spills and related contaminants in water bodies.

FEB, 2022

5 Top Waste Management Startups Oil & Gas Companies Should Watch in 2022

MFNS Tech has been selected among the top 5 startups to watch in 2022 (out of 500+ worldwide) in the clean tech sector.

JAN, 2022

Environmental Sustainability Award Winners Announced In Glenview

For a fourth year, the Village of Glenview is recognizing local organizations that take the lead with environmental stewardship, innovative best practices and community outreach.

DEC, 2021

Finalists Chosen for CRI’s Cohort 6

Vikas Nandwana (MFNS Tech) has been selected as a finalist in an elite deep tech accelerator program in US called Chain Reaction Innovation (CRI).

NOV, 2021

Cleaning Up the Environment with a Nanotechnology-Enabled Sponge

In this episode of the “Nano Matters” podcast, Vinayak Dravid, the Abraham Harris Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University, describes how he and his team have developed a nanotechnology-enabled sponge that could be used to clean up the environment.

Nov, 2021

How to clean up an oil spill

Methods designed to remove oil from water can do more harm than good...

Oct, 2021

How we clean oil spills hasn't changed in decades. These scientists want to change that.

Researchers say reusable sponges that can sop up oil without absorbing water could make cleanup efforts more effective and more efficient.

Aug, 2021

MFNS Technology improves skimmer performance

OHM Skimmer Coating™ is a new coating material from MFNS. OHM Skimmer Coating™ can enhance the oil removal rate of belt skimmers while retaining the toughness of the belt. OHM Sponge Skimmer™ is a new belt skimmer which can clean Oil-Water emulsion/ Oil sheen with ease.

Jul, 2021

OHM Sponge featured in ohmsett gazette (Page 3)

The Ohmsett Gazette newsletter is bi-annual newsletter providing readers with articles of testing, research, and training activities at the Ohmsett facility.

Jun, 2021

MFNS Tech technology featured in fast company

A decade after Deepwater Horizon, we’re still cleaning up oil spills the same way. MFNS Tech promises solution of the decade old oil spill clean-up prolem.

Jun, 2021

Sponge platform soaks up phosphate from polluted waterways for reuse

MFNS co-founders Prof. Vinayak David and Dr. Vikas Nandwana develop new technology to cleanup phosphate from polluted water. Highlighted in major news outlets New Atlas, Anthropocene, Science daily, Daily mail, Azo cleantech, TMJ4.

May, 2021

OHM Sponge tested to work in cold artic conditions.

OHM Sponge was found to be highly effective in cleaning up oil even under very cold conditions.

Apr, 2021

MFNS working on oil skimmer belts with improved oil absorption capacity.

MFNS has developed a new coating for skimmer belt which dramatically improves the oil absorption capacity of the belt skimmers.

Mar, 2021

OHM Sponge passes OHMSETT test with flying colors !

Ohmsett is a national test facility that provides independent performance testing of oil spill response solutions.

Mar, 2021

MFNS team arrives at OHMSETT facility

MFNS team arrives at New Jersey to test the performance of OHM Sponge in real life conditions mimicking rough sea.

Mar, 2021

MFNS prepares for the OHMSETT test

MFNS team has been working towards producing large quantities of OHM Sponge via a highly scalable process. We are preparing hundreds of OHM Sponge sheets for large scale testing at OHMSETT facility.

Feb, 2021

MFNS collaborates with soil remediation company

MFNS team collaborated with a major soil remediation company to work on the cleaning oil from oil/soil/water mixture.

JAN, 2021

This sponge could be the future of cleaning up oil spills

A Northwestern University-led team created the “OHM sponge,” which is able to soak up 30 times its weight in oil and be reused up to several dozen times. The coating allows any regular sponge to be easily turned into an oil-cleaning "smart sponge."

Jan, 2021

MFNS expands into the produced water treatment market

MFNS is developing OHM membrane which can address efficient and economically viable solution to cleanup produced water.

Nov, 2020

McCormick Faculty Named Among Global ‘Highly Cited Researchers’

The annual list identifies researchers who demonstrated significant influence through the publication of multiple highly cited papers during the last decade.

OCT, 2020

Former GCOM CEO joins startup that could change the future of oil spill cleanups

The founder and former CEO of GCOM Software has joined a startup whose technology could change the way oil spills are cleaned up.

OCT, 2020

Waste management: ingenuity, mindset and working with nature

Human civilization has a waste problem, and it’s likely to get worse as population levels grow and a consumerist mentality becomes the global norm.

Oct, 2020

BBC News Day Interview

Interview starts at 18:58

SEPT, 2020

Robots and magnetic soap: scientists rethink oil spill clean-ups

“As long as fossil fuels are still in circulation, there will always be oil spills,” said Dravid. “We wanted to create a technology which can make cleaning oil spillages much easier and, more importantly, much cleaner and safer for the environment.”

AUG, 2020

Future of Cleaning Oil Spills Looks to Robots, Wood Chips and Sponges

Recent oil spills in Russia and Mauritius have shown that the industry still needs better methods for cleaning up accidents. Researchers are working on some unlikely-sounding solutions, including oil-absorbing wood chips, a solar-powered robot and a reusable sponge.

June, 2020

Game-Changing New Smart Sponge Soaks Up Oil Spills, Saving Water And Wildlife

A team from Northwestern University has developed a highly porous smart sponge that can selectively soak up oil spills in water. With an ability to absorb more than 30 times its weight in oil...

June, 2020

OHM sponge could clean up oil spills

A team funded by the National Science Foundation has developed a porous OHM sponge that selectively soaks up oil in water...

June, 2020

Low-cost polyurethane sponge cleans oil spills

The words “sponges” and “cleanup” might evoke dirty dishes and kitchen duty. But to a team of materials scientists, they are the inspiration for a way to remediate aquatic oil spills.

June, 2020

Massive Sponge Created To Soak Up Oil Spills In The Ocean

A new ‘smart sponge’ designed to clean up oil spills in the ocean has been developed at Northwestern University, Illinois in the U.S....

May, 2020

OHM sponge could clean up oil spills

The Northwestern solution bypasses these challenges by selectively absorbing oil and leaving clean water and unaffected marine life behind. The secret lies in a nanocomposite coating...

May, 2020

Reusable sponge soaks up spilled oil, not water

Although we've seen many materials designed for removing oil spills from water, many of them are single-use, ultimately ending up in landfills. Now, however, scientists have created an oil-absorbing sponge that can be used over and over again....

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