OHM Skimmer Coating™

OHM Skimmer Coating™ is a new coating material from MFNS. OHM Skimmer Coating™ can enhance the oil removal rate of belt skimmers while retaining the toughness of the belt. OHM Sponge Skimmer™ is a new belt skimmer which can clean Oil-Water emulsion/ Oil sheen with ease.

Easy adaptability

OHM Skimmer™ coating can be applied to any type of belt material (Kevlar, Cotton, etc.)

OHM Sponge Skimmer™

OHM Sponge Skimmer™ can be used to skim Oil/water emulsion or to remove oil sheen layer. The graph shows the decrease in concentration of 5000 ppm oil-water emulsion over time when treated with OHM Sponge Skimmer™

Enhanced performance

OHM Skimmer™ coating can greatly enhance the oil collection rate of belt skimmers saving time and money.

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